PC Ninja - IT Services , IT Support, Wolverhampton, Offering A Range Of IT Equipment, Computer And Laptop Repair Services:


IT hardware and software diagnostics

Replacement of laptop or PC components, configuration and optimization

Memory RAM problems fixing

New laptop or PC setup, wifi setup and install

Removal of viruses, malware, spyware

Hard drive problems fixing

Hardware and software protection

Damaged Laptop keyboards replacement

Slow laptop or PC problems resolving and fixing

CD and DVD drive problems replacement

Laptop touch pad replacing

Troubleshoot laptop computer problems and fixing

Error message resolving

E-mail and internet problems fixing

Data recovery

Data archiving

naprawa laptopów_Billston_komputerów

Reinstallation, update – software, drivers, operating systems

Laptop broken screen replacement

Troubleshoot laptop computer problems and fixing

Organize cables and wires

Installation of IT equipment (printers, scanners), calibration and configuration

User password resetting

Repair invalid registry entries

And more..